The innovative electric drive for active wheelchair users:

SMOOV one.
Be fly.

The rear-mounted power assist for your wheelchair: SMOOV one.

The SMOOV one is an innovative electric drive that you can easily dock on to and off your wheelchair whenever you need some extra power. This modern and sporty power unit significantly increases the driver’s mobility.

Quick facts about the SMOOV:

up to 12 miles
16 lbs
up to 6 mph

* varies depending on weight of user/wheelchair, temperature and terrain

Why guess? Try a SMOOV for yourself!
The best thing is that you can just leave it out when you don't need it.
This thing is just really fun!
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The flexible rear-mounted power assist for your wheelchair

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The SMOOV one

This one-wheeled power-assist system is easy to mount, turns exceptionally well, and reaches speeds of up to 6 MPH. The SMOOV one is ready whenever you are.

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Discover the SMOOV Mobility App

Connect SMOOV to your smartphone to easily adjust your settings and to always know your remaining battery life, range and more…

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We are family

The SMOOV One is made by Alber, and we have a broad array of power assist devices.
Alber is owned by Invacare which offers a range of mobility products from power wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs to sports wheelchairs and seating.

Meet AlberMeet Invacare

Choose your power

Alber offers a wide selection of power assist devices.  With the launch of our new award-winning power assist device the SMOOV and our next generation e-motion the M25, you truly have the freedom to choose your power.

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alber e-motion Power Assist
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You can add the e-motion drive wheels to almost any wheelchair for additional power.

alber twion Power Assist
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In wheel hub motors that propel the chair in proportion to the user’s push.

alber e-fix Power Add-On
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Turn your manual wheelchair into a compact electric wheelchair with the e-fix add-on drive.

alber scalamobil
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Climb stairs easily with this patented device.

Frequently asked questions

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Simply call us at (888) 426-8581 or email us at:

Contact the SMOOV team

Haven’t found an answer?

Simply call us at (888) 426-8581 or email us at:

Contact the SMOOV team

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Quality from a market leader:

Our drive components are 100% developed and manufactured in Albstadt. More than 80% of the used materials come from Germany.