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Easy to mount and discreet

Easy to dock and undock

You can easily mount or remove your SMOOV one at any time by using the carrying handle to dock and undock the wireless drive unit. The aluminum locking claw helps the SMOOV one connect securely to your chair – No Pop Offs! It can even be done while seated in your wheelchair. Inconspicuous in its design, you can add power without all the bulk.

Light weight and durable

Easy to transport

Thanks to its light-weight and high-quality construction, the SMOOV one can be relied on for daily use, helping you power up steep hills, through carpet, and over grass.

Battery icon

Built-in battery pack

Up to 12 miles range*

Hub drive icon

Hub drive motor

Powerful and maintenance-free

Bluetooth® icon


Wireless connection

USB connection icon

USB-C port

Convenient for charging the control unit or smartphone

* varies depending on weight of user/wheelchair, temperature and terrain
flexibility-smoov-back flexibility

Power through your day

“Curbs, thresholds, or hills? No matter the obstacle, SMOOV one helps you to navigate your life effortlessly and saves you energy.”


With its on-demand power, you can even manage a stroller or carry a grocery bag. Move more freely than ever before.

Battery power and range

Powerful and long-lasting

With a range* of up to 12 miles, the SMOOV one’s powerful motor can handle up to 310 lbs and get you to your destination stressfree. The SMOOV one features an integrated lithium ion battery pack. Keeping the battery charged is also easy. Use the easy-connect, magnectic charger and just plug the cord into a standard outlet.

12 milesRange*


* varies depending on weight of user/wheelchair, temperature and terrain

Ergonomic wireless control unit

Power, control & performance at your fingertips

The control unit is designed to provide you with on-demand power. With it, you can effortlessly turn it on, adjust the speed, or turn it off at any time with just a tap. You can also keep track of the remaining battery life of the control unit and your SMOOV one on the display. The control unit can be mounted on either the left or right side.

Bluetooth® icon

Easy to stay connected

Bluetooth® provides a seamless wireless connection between the control and drive unit.

travel- travel-smoov-front

With SMOOV one, the dream of an exciting city trip becomes a reality. Use the SMOOV one on your travels to catch more of the sites during the day and still have plenty of energy at night.

16 lbslight

Since the SMOOV is easy to mount and store, it’s convenient to take it on your next bus, train, car, or plane ride.

Portable and compact

Safety and the ride

Safe on all types of terrain and surfaces

Whether you use the Smoov on gravel, wet roads, or on cobblestones, the tire treads along with the innovative drive system help you reach your destination safely.
Even in the dark, feel safe with SMOOV one thanks to its integrated LED light.

uphill-smoov-right uphill-smoov-right

The SMOOV one takes you to places that were once too difficult to navigate. It’s reliable not only on a wide variety of even and uneven surfaces, but also hills and slopes of up to 16% are no problem for SMOOV one.

Handling and control

Driving dynamic

Fast, agile, and low maintenance

With a top speed of up to 6 miles/hr*, SMOOV one is your dynamic everyday companion. Even riding tilted over curbs and edges is possible with its flexible wheel and the 356 degree swivel fork.

6 miles/hrmaximum speed*


* varies depending on weight of user/wheelchair, temperature and terrain
no-limits-smoov-right no-limits-smoov-left

Whether you’re enjoying that perfect morning coffee or riding hand-in-hand with your partner, SMOOV one is with you. The SMOOV one means more possibilities while traveling, at the office, or in the city.

100 %Happiness

Hands-free to enjoy life’s moments.

USB-C plug

Stay connected and mobile

With the SMOOV one drive unit’s USB-C connection, you can charge your smartphone and control unit to stay connected and get you where you need to go.

USB connection icon

USB-C connection

Charges your smartphone or control unit.

Quality from a market leader:

Our drive components are 100% developed and manufactured in Albstadt. More than 80% of the used materials come from Germany.