SMOOV one Be fly.

Quick assembly Easy to dock and undock

You can easily detach your SMOOV one at any time with the releasing device and carrying handle: even whilst you are sitting in the wheelchair.

Weight and materials Easy to transport

The SMOOV one is light enough for daily use yet robust with high-quality materials and weighs just 7.2 kg.

  • Integrated battery

    Up to 20 km range

  • Hub drive

    Powerful and maintenance-free

  • Bluetooth

    Wireless control via Bluetooth

  • USB-C socket

    Charge the control unit or a smartphone

Easy going, every day Easy going, every day

Easy going, every day

"Be it road kerbs, sills or small ledges: with the SMOOV one, you can cope with your daily routine without effort and save a lot of energy."


Enjoy everyday freedom with SMOOV one with hands free power to go anywhere and do more.

Battery life and Range Powerful and long-lasting

With a range of up to 20 km, SMOOV's powerful drive gets you to your destination smoothly and effortlessly in style. You can easily charge the battery from any mains socket.

20 kmRange

Ergonomic control unit Intuitive controls

You can set the speed with the control unit and stop in an emergency. The LED display shows you the battery status of both control unit and SMOOV.


Simply connect the wireless control unit to the drive unit via Bluetooth and go!

Goes wherever you go Goes wherever you go

Goes wherever you go

With the SMOOV, the dream of long city trips can become a reality. It is perfect for when you're on the go and gives you a helping hand whenever you need it.

7,2 kglight

As the SMOOV is really easy to undock and store, you can take it anywhere and comfortably travel by bus, train, car or plane.

Drive safely Safe wherever you go

From rubble and wet roads to slippery floors: the tyre treads combined with the innovative drive make sure that you reach your destination safely.

Even in the dark, the SMOOV keeps you safe: the integrated LED light makes sure that you will be seen.

Across all types of terrain Across all types of terrain

Across all types of terrain

The SMOOV takes you to places that you usually would avoid. It is reliable on all kinds of different surfaces - even hills and slopes up to 16% are no problem with the SMOOV.

Now there's no excuse to go on those long Sunday afternoon trips!

Dynamic handling Fast, swift and low-maintenance

With a maximum speed of 10 km/h, the SMOOV one is your nippy every-day power assist. You can even drive over kerbs and edges thanks to the flexible wheel with its 360° swivel fork.

10 km/hmaximum speed
Hands free for the more beautiful things in life. Hands free for the more beautiful things in life.

Hands free for the more beautiful things in life.

A tasty coffee or the hand of your partner? With the SMOOV you can concentrate on what truly matters. On trips, in the office and in the city.

100 %Happiness

USB-C socket Ready for everything

With the USB-C socket on the SMOOV, you can charge your smartphone at any time for ultimate confidence.

USB-C socket

For charging your smartphone or the control unit