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Questions regarding the SMOOV
Is the SMOOV one right for me?

The SMOOV one is right for you if you are an active wheelchair user who is looking for a flexible electric drive for your wheelchair. You can flexibly dock and undock the SMOOV one and use it whenever you need it. This helps you to save energy and feel safe in daily life, on the go and when travelling.

What is SMOOV?

SMOOV is a young brand that aims to create fun for active wheelchair users with an innovative electric drive. An entrepreneurial team of young developers, product managers, marketing and sales experts within Alber GmbH, a renowned company, have made it their mission to develop the best electric drive for active wheelchair users.

What is the SMOOV one?

The SMOOV one is an innovative electric drive that you can flexibly adapt to your wheelchair. Whenever you need it. It is the first product for active wheelchair users developed by the young SMOOV team in close cooperation with active wheelchair users.

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Which wheelchairs can the SMOOV be used with?

The SMOOV one is suitable for active wheelchair users who use a folding or rigid frame wheelchair. Please provide us with your wheelchair model when ordering the SMOOV one. This way we can ensure that you will get the right SMOOV for your type of wheelchair.

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How do I attach the SMOOV one to my wheelchair?

You will receive a bracket set for the cross section (for rigid frames) or a spring-mounted cross section (for folding frames) of your specific wheelchair as well as the tools required for assembling the SMOOV one. You only have to assemble this bracket once. Afterwards, you can easily dock and undock your SMOOV one at any time thanks to the releasing device and carrying handle. Even whilst you are sitting in the wheelchair.

Can I transport the wheelchair as usual once the unit has been assembled?

Folding frames: First undock the SMOOV one and simply remove the spring-mounted cross section. You can now fold your wheelchair as usual.

Are the tools required for assembly included in the scope of delivery?

Yes, the required tools and the corresponding bracket for your wheelchair model are included in the scope of delivery.

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Our drive components are 100% developed and manufactured in Albstadt. More than 80% of the used materials come from Germany.