About us

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SMOOV stands for pure fun

SMOOV stands for “smart moving” and – most importantly – for the fun and quality of life that we, as a young team, want to give to all active wheelchair users.

This is also why the development of the SMOOV one is based on the most crucial of factors: the needs, wishes and ideas of people who, like you, are wheelchair users but still want to be and remain active.

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Focus on the user

The best electric drives for active wheelchair users can only be developed by specifically including people who really know what’s important right from the start of the development process.

And this is exactly what we have done with the SMOOV one: right from the start, the needs, wishes and ideas of active wheelchair users have been directly integrated in the development of the SMOOV one.

Who we are


“SMOOV is a brand that aims to create fun. And for that, you need a product that meets all of the needs of our active target group.”

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SMOOV exists thanks to an entrepreneurial-minded team from Alber GmbH

Members of this internal innovation lab include a cross-functional roster of energetic and highly motivated developers, product managers, marketers, and sales experts who have made it their mission to develop the best power assists for active wheelchair users.

SMOOV is part of the power assist and mobility product lines offered by Alber GmbH. Alber specializes in light and user-friendly power-assist mobility.

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Quality from a market leader:

Our drive components are 100% developed and manufactured in Albstadt. More than 80% of the used materials come from Germany.